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iTherml Owlook series are a multi-purpose thermal imaging monocular, can be hand held, head mounted, helmet mounted, or sight mounted. Featuring a 12um pixel pitch sensor core, Owlook delivers brilliant thermal image quality with advanced image processing, on-board image capture in 10,000 pcs & video recording 10 hours which can be connected to external display devices allowing other parties to view the observed image.

Lightweight and compact design, the Owlook series can be concealed in a pocket. With powerful features and easy operation, they seek the heat of objects in total darkness and harsh environment which are suitable for forward observation, search & secure, law enforcement and longstanding hunting, and more.

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■   Monocular multifunctions 3-en-1
■   384 x 288 pixels, 12μm
■   NETD < 40mK at f/1.0
■   WDR image processing performance
■   Built-in 32G storage
■   Two type battery available
■   Rotary knob, simple operation
■   Ergonomic rugged Design
■   IP67 Encapsulation
■   Laser pointer