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iTherml thermal imaging cameras SmartCor-T series are with advanced Shutterless technology, providing silent & continous thermal live video with temperature, and provide extraordinary & unique performance that is Shutterless, Lightest & Smallest thermal imaging camera in the world.
SmartCor-T series offer excellent features and compatibility, making them well-suited to be integrated in many thermal temperature measurement system applications.
SmartCor-T series are convenient to be fixed directly in existed system with M4 mounts or 1/4"-20, and easy to be integrated thermal systems or individually used for Automated Inspecitonns, UAV detection, Process Control, Condition Monitoring, Fire Prevention & Detection, and more.

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■  Advanced Shutterless technology
■  Power consumption <0.8w
■  Compact Size 38x38x26mm
■  Light weight(<55g)
■  Time to image<5s
■  Spot, Area, Isotherm temperature measurement
■  Auot Hot|Cold|Ave temperature detection
■  Real-time video with temperature transfer to monitor or PC
■  On-line temperature analysis
■  Multiple lens options available
■  IP54 encapsulation optional