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iTherml offers Shuttereless thermal imaging products at the global market.

Thermal Network Camera


iTherml Thermal Network Camera Reach-series produce high-quality video without any light conditions and are able to detect activity in total darkness, through smoke, fog, rain and haze, providing situation awareness in perimeter, port and airport applications or where artificial light is either unavailable or restricted.

Reach series IP Thermal Network Camera is also capable of providing an analog video output with 720 x 576 thermal video resolution, provide outstanding sensitivity below 40mk at f/1.0, It is capable of multiple display formats, including white hot, black hot, and various color signatures.

Thermal Network Camera
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■  Advanced WDR image processing
■  384 x 288 pixels
■  Thermal sensitivity (NETD) <50mk @ f/1.0
■  Onvif for interoperability
■  Multiple lens available
■  IP66 encapsulation (Standard, A)
■  IP67 encapsulation (Optional, B)
■  Temperature detection (Optional)