Thermal Imaging Cores

It is a shutterless, compact, lightweight and low power thermal imaging core with outstanding sensitivity and excellent image quality. It is smaller than 25x25mm and weights only 40g.

shutterless uncooled thermal imager with advanced thermal image processing, it provides crisp thermal images at high frame-rates. It is a high-fidelity uncooled thermal imaging module meant for critical safety and security applications.


Featuring a resistive Amorphous Silicon based 384 x 288 or 640×480 micro-bolometer array on a 17-micron pitch, it offers unprecedented thermal imaging for military, security, aviation and marine safety applications at cost-effective prices. It finds applications across a range of deployments ranging from long range surveillance at critical infrastructures and enhanced vision systems for safety to thermal sights and scopes for military vehicles.

The module is available as unpackaged OEM modules and as a fully integrated camera system that can be deployed at the most demanding of conditions. For security applications, it comes packaged in a IP67/68 rated rugged stainless steel housing mounted on a variable speed Pan Tilt head.

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