Ultraviolet and infrared lens


Infrared lens to collect, focus or alignment near infrared, shortwave infrared, MWIR or LWIR spectrum light. Infrared lens is a specific substrate use or plated with antireflection coating of the lens, can apply for the wavelength range exceeding 700nm (including thermal imaging or spectroscopic) for optimum performance. IR wavelength range is 700-16000nm. In which it was divided into smaller spectral range, NIR wavelength range between 700-900nm, SWIR between 900-2300nm, MWIR 3000-5000nm in between, and LWIR is between 8000-12000nm.

We offer a variety of infrared lens, including single lens, achromatic lens, an aspheric lens or focusing objective to achieve the highest performance in a large part of the infrared spectrum.

IR achromatic lens for a variety of industrial, life science or defense applications, including infrared spectroscopy, or used in conjunction with tunable QCL laser. Zinc selenide Infrared aspheric lens design using the diffraction limit, suitable for focusing the output of CO2 laser light. Other options include a germanium substrate, a sapphire, silicon, zinc selenide or zinc sulphide.

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