Ultra-light Infrared lens

A full 20% thinner and lighter, our ultra-light glass lens is the most Infrared lens on the market.

Our infrared lens begin with borosilicate optical glass, which can withstand extreme temperature changes. The lenses are chemically tempered to ensure scratch and impact resistance, then ground to perfection.

The lenses then undergo Hydrogen Firing Process, which activates the photochromic and Spectral Control technologies. After the lenses cool, they are treated with a unique coating that protects their edges, all while being monitored by a technician who examines every lens by hand to ensure the highest quality.

Staying true to commitment to craftsmanship, we give unparalleled attention to detail throughout every phase of the lens-making process.

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Thermal network camera with Zipstream technology

The Thermal Network Camera is outdoor-ready out-of-the-box and is ideal for perimeter protection of facilities where early detection of an intrusion attempt is critical.

Thermal Network Camera are not only reliable for round-the-clock detection, but are also useful for verification, helping to distinguish between a real and false alarm. It is highly capable of running video analytics via the Camera Application Platform. Together with our ADP Partners, customers can find a tailored surveillance solution that meets their specific needs.

Thermal Network Camera offers 384×288 thermal resolution and outstanding image contrast for reliable detection and quick verification. Thanks to a selection of five different lens alternatives (7 mm, 13 mm, 19 mm, 35 mm and 60 mm) that optimize detection performance, customers can be sure the camera will meet their requirements.

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Thermal imaging binocular TG1

Thermal imaging binocular TG1 is intended to be used for observation, search and orientation in conditions of various illumination (day, twilight, night) and limited visibility (fog, snow, rain etc.). It allows to detect movable and immovable objects which have temperature contrast, to be exact: people, animals, buildings, green, vehicles, etc. Besides, this thermal binocular may be used to find heat leak in living space and in production rooms, to find places where electric lines and devices are heat, etc.


– two types of objectives: F50 or F75;

– two types of microdisplay: OLED(800×600) or COPIN(640×480);

– optical magnification 3.2х (F50, COPIN); 3.5х (F50, OLED); 4.7х (F75, COPIN); 5.3х (F75, OLED);

– digital zoom 2х, 4х;

– detection range up to 1200 (F50) or 1700 (F75) meters;

– video output;

– information about settings and device status is situated in the field of view;

– inversion of image color is possible;

– it is possible to use outer power source (12V);

– manual adjustment of sensor amplification and micro display brightness.

– dehydrator cartridge;

– possibility to mount to tripod (aperture thread 1/4″).

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Thermal Night Vision Scope

Looking for a thermal night vision scope? You’ve come to the right place! A thermal night vision scope is the perfect add-on to penetrate total darkness, smoke, fog and dust. Thermal scopes have been used with great effectiveness in military and tactical situations. They are also commonly used for hunting pigs. Whether you are purchasing a thermal scope for tactical use or it’s a matter of getting that trophy game, we are sure you will find a durable and high quality thermal rifle scope that fits your needs.

We are confident that you will find a thermal night vision scope from our selection that will give you the image quality that you need to identify, recognize and detect your target from extreme ranges.

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Infrared Thermal Imaging Core

Infrared Thermal Imaging Core is a high grade device optimal for security applications. It is their lightest, long wavelength infrared imaging core. Utilizing Amorphous Silicon Microbolometer detector technology with 30um 160 x 120 pixel array, the Thermal Imaging Core can be used in infrared surveillance cameras with excellent flexibility due to the small size and low power consumption. Be sure to see our full line of L3 thermal imagers for more devices that deliver the performance needed for security applications.

Infrared Thermal Imaging Core:

  • Seal-ready optics housing and optics assemblies for easy OEM integration
  • Smaller CCA size (compared with 3500AS) for improved packaging flexibility & best-in-class <1.2W consumption
  • Provides real-time 30Hz frame rate plus state-of-the-art thermal sensitivity and dynamic range, also available in 9 Hz models
  • Sophisticated histogram-based image processing and 640 x 480 video output resolution for best-in-class image quality at all times
  • Patent pending non-linear colorization allows OEMs to define multiple color set points for quick, intuitive temperature recognition
  • Selectable real-time NTSC or full-format PAL video output
  • Flexible OEM customization
  • Expansion port provides access to data along video processing chain for advanced OEMs
  • Efficient and knowledgeable integration support available

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Types of Infrared lens

Infrared lens are used to collect, focus, or collimate light in the near-infrared, short-wave infrared, mid-wave infrared, or long-wave infrared spectra. Infrared lens are optical lenses that use specific substrates or anti-reflection coatings to maximize performance for applications operating above 700nm including thermal imaging or spectroscopy. The infrared spectrum refers to 700 – 16000nm wavelengths. When divided into smaller spectra, NIR refers to 700 – 900nm, SWIR is 900 – 2300nm, MWIR is 3000 – 5000nm, and LWIR includes 8000 – 12000nm wavelengths.

We offer a large variety of Infrared lens including singlet lenses, achromatic lenses, aspheric lenses, or focusing objectives for high performance across a large portion of the infrared spectrum. IR Achromatic Lenses are ideal for use in a variety of industrial, life sciences, or defense applications including FTIR spectroscopy or for use with tunable QCL lasers. Zinc Selenide IR Aspheric Lenses feature diffraction limited designs that are ideal for focusing the output of CO2 lasers. Additional substrates include germanium, sapphire, silicon, zinc selenide, or zinc sulfide. Anti-reflection coating options include VIS-NIR, NIR I, NIR II, Telecom-NIR, or SWIR.

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Thermal Network Camera in Freeway

Freeway traffic management departments need to do real-time monitoring of the highway, to achieve information collection, publishing, strain.

Traffic information including vehicle operating status, speed, accidents, road damage, fog, icy, snow and other natural environmental factors.

As a complement visible surveillance, Thermal Network Camera monitor surveillance monitoring needs to make up visible light or do not a bad situation.

The highway visible light video surveillance applications, common problems such as car headlights illuminated backlight affect the image, cover glass surface rain water droplets or dust imaging, imaging blur of rain and fog days, does not recognize the road damage, icy and so on.

According to the principles of thermal imaging technology and the practical application, Thermal Network Camera to join, just to solve these problems.

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Phantom IR Thermal Binocular

The Phantom IR Thermal Binocular is a technically-advanced device for observation and perimeter security. Utilizing a high-resolution thermal detector, the Phantom IR Thermal Binocular allows users to observe the heat signatures of people and objects in daytime or at night and through smoke, fog or camouflage.

The Phantom Infrared Binocular provides high performance image range over 750 meters. The Elcan Phantom IR Thermal Vision Binocular incorporates user-selectable reticles (Mil-Dot, Crosshair, or No Reticle), a digital magnetic compass (when properly calibrated is accurate within +/- 3 degrees), a 2x-4x zoom function and video-out (SMPTE or NTSC Compatible) capability.

The Phantom IR Thermal Binocular is a powerful tool for military, police, and security professionals.

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Military Grade Thermal and Night Vision Rifle Scopes

We supply Hunters (mostly of Texas hogs), Ranch Owners, Law Enforcement and Night Vision enthusiasts with military grade thermal and night vision rifle scopes and monoculars.

We offer scopes we have personally used that passed our evaluation. We personally test every scope before we offer it for a product. We have a network of military and law enforcement friends and acquaintances that have years of experience using thermal and night vision scopes. So we have our own, plus several additional expert opinions on each product we offer. If we are not impressed, we will not sell it.

There are not many scopes offered at this time, but there will be more added in time. These scopes can be quite expensive. We try to offer high, medium and entry level scopes that all give acceptable to excellent results. In night vision, we have all three levels of pricing. We found some Gen 2 scopes that perform close to Gen 3 quality at a considerably lower cost.

Some scopes come with selectable electronics, different grades of tubes, and other internal components that will have an effect on the pricing. Be careful when comparing prices, be sure you understand how the scope specifications relate to price and performance.

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Applications of Thermal Imaging Core


Thermal imaging core offers comprehensive features and outstanding performances to make them satisfy many thermal integrated applications.

Thermal imaging core is with advanced reliable shutter, same small volume and same output to provide stable quality, wonderful thermal image video and versatile compatibility.

Thermal imaging core is convenient to be fixed into an existing system with M2.0 & 1/4”-20 mounts, also they can be integrated into various applications including thermal night vision systems, driving vision enhancement, firefighting equipments, medical equipments, thermal sights, security & surveillance products, and more.