Thermal IP Camera

Solution Description & Supported Functionality

Utilizing technology advances and expansion into high-volume, low-cost manufacturing, We bring affordable thermal imaging technology to commercial surveillance and security application. With a detection range of up to 1km, Thermal IP Camera employs uncooled 320×240, 17um VOx thermal imaging technology, unlike other surveillance camera, this Thermal IP camera does NOT require any ambient light or illumination. It detects infrared (heat) waves to provide users with superior thermal images in challenging environments, including complete darkness, over water and in dark corners, where threats are difficult to detect due to lighting constraints and weather conditions. The camera system is an Internet Protocol (IP) networked solution. conforming to the Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF) standard, which can be accessed by most of ONVIF compliance NVR and VMS.


– Raw data output for image analytics

– ONVIF compliant

– Uncooled Thermal Imaging Technology

– Don’t need any ambient light or illumination

– Optional PoE support

– Support CGI Interface for easier communication

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