Revolutionary low cost micro thermal imaging core at heart of iPhone case

techniques, and commercial scale to deliver a price point that is an order of magnitude below current thermal camera cores.

Similar in size, weight, and power consumption to a conventional CMOS cell phone camera module, it is the world’s smallest microbolometer-based thermal imaging core currently available.

It has also been designed for easy integration into third party products, such as smartphones, tablets, diagnostic tools, automobiles, toys, building controls, process equipment, security systems, machine vision systems, and advanced gaming devices. OEMs around the world can benefit from the fully-exportable thermal imaging core, which generates high-quality, fully-processed thermal images through common standard interfaces.

The 90g case includes a 1400mAh battery where the power can be split between the thermal imager and the phone, providing two hours of use. The company sees the case opening up new applications such as detecting areas of damp in homes as well as traditional thermal imaging uses.

It uses multiple proprietary technologies, including wafer level detector packaging, a wafer level micro-optic lens and an ASIC that supports all camera functions on a single integrated low power chip. These and other innovations are reflected in more than 100 new patent filings worldwide related to Lepton technologies, processes, and applications.

The new thermal imaging core facilitates accurate temperature measurements and is fully compatible with patented Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging technology, or MSX, which significantly enhances the thermal image fidelity by combining the thermal stream with data from a visible-light sensor.

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