Thermal Night Vision Camera

The Thermal Imaging Camera is designed for the law enforcement officer and is especially well-suited to Homeland Security taskings. The Thermal Night Vision is a lightweight, highly-portable thermal camera system that provides mission-critical information to maximize the effectiveness of the operators on the ground. It utilizes a 320×240 resolution Vanadium Oxide Microbolometer for excellent thermal imagery and high-detail. The Thermal Night Vision gives the user see-through capability for inclement weather and other environmental conditions such as smoke, dust, and light fog. The operator can see through dense foliage as well.

The Thermal Night Vision is especially well-suited to patrol applications. It comes standard with 4x AA rechargeable batteries. Utilizing the included Hot Show Charging Adapter and Car Adapter, the unit can be plugged into a patrol cruiser for constant charging whenever the vehicle is running. This is especially convenient because it allows the HS-307 to always be ready for use. The unit is lightweight and has very easy to navigate controls, allowing it to easily be used by novices.

The Command version comes standard with image and video capture capability. Stored on a removable, on-board SD card, the images are easily downloaded to a computer via a card reader or USB cable. Images and video are high quality with time/date stamps for records..

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