Tactical Advantages of Thermal Binocular

A thermal binocular can give a tactical team a number of advantages, all of which will improve officer safety. Let’s take a look at the advantages of using a thermal binocular in tactical situations.

Night vision goggles require some amount of ambient light to function. If there is no ambient light, then special illuminators must be used. This can be a hindrance in no-light situations. For example, when a tactical team must operate in a basement or a manufacturing facility without windows, controlling the lights can be difficult. By using a thermal binocular to monitor or scan an area, the tactical team can look for the suspect’s heat source without giving him the ability to see or target the team members.

The thermal binocular is totally passive, meaning it doesn’t send out any signal that it is in use and points no type of light or energy toward its target. The suspect has no idea that the imager is monitoring him. This gives the officer the advantage of knowing where the suspect is and what he is doing, without alerting the suspect that he is being watched. The balance tips in the team’s favor. Clearly, a thermal binocular offers many advantages that are not possible with NVG.

All of these thermal binocular benefits can give a tactical team a greater advantage especially in environments that are smoky or hazy, where eyesight is impaired.

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