Thermal Night Vision Adaptor for Broadcast Video Cameras

The Generation 3 Thermal Night Vision Adaptors for Broadcast ENG-Type Cameras are designed for use with high performance ENG Electronic News Gathering Cameras having 1/2″ or 2/3″ bayonet mounts. These thermal night vision modules deliver very high quality night-time video images for professional broadcasters.

Easily mounted between the camera and the lens, the module amplifies low-light scenes so they are easily viewed and recorded by the host camera. Also available for Sony 1/2″ bayonet-mount cameras.

We provide the Highest Night-time Imaging Performance The Thermal Night Vision Modules are the ultimate in high performance thermal night vision video. Making use of the extensive features of professional broadcast cameras, these thermal night vision modules optimally fit between the bayonet-mount objective lens and camera lens mount. At the heart of the 93B-Series is a high performance image intensifier that transforms dark, moonlit or starlit nights into bright, high-resolution scenes that can be seen through the viewfinder and easily recorded. Because of its excellent low-light performance and its compact and rugged design, the 93B Series modules turn any bayonet-mount camera into a portable, low-light video imaging system.

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