Thermal Goggle Binocular

The Thermal Goggle/Binocular is a rugged, lightweight, and powerful InfraRed device that can be hand held or mounted on a headgear. By using the 2x internal digital zoom and adding an optional a-focal germanium optical magnification lens, the Thermal Binocular provides up to 9x long-range thermal surveillance and acquisition.

The uncooled thermal detector and high resolution display provide crisp “white hot” or “black hot” images regardless of ambient conditions. While night vision technology relies on amplification of ambient light or assisting illumination, thermal devices are completely passive, sensing extremely minute temperature differences.

Image can be enhanced by adjusting the brightness and contrast of the display.

Designed for law enforcement, military and commercial use, the Thermal Binocular is ideal for such functions as: reconnaissance and surveillance, perimeter control, search and rescue, vehicle identification, wildlife observation and geo-thermal events.

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