Thermal Binocular, Handheld Thermography

The Trinity series are advanced thermal binoculars, monoculars and sights for both military and civilian applications.

The thermal binoculars, monoculars and sights are based on advanced detectors, both cooled and uncooled technologies. The trinity series are meeting military specs and are used for battlefield applications, and other Para-military applications.

Whatever day or night vision application, we have the thermal camera or security system to fit your needs.

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Maritime thermal night vision systems

Thermal night vision detect and display images based on tiny differences in heat, not light. No matter how much light is available—from pitch black to moonlight to severe midday glare—we detector capture the thermal energy emitted or reflected by everything, even ice. Cameras then convert changes in temperature into crisp infrared video images, allowing you to see at night and navigate in total darkness.

Navigating oil tankers through icy waters with thermal imaging shipping companies are more and more concerned about the safety of iceclass tankers during sub-zero operation and are looking for equipment that can help detect arctic ice at great enough distances to avoid collisions. Based on recommendations by the oil companies international maritime forum (ocimf), the greek company tms tankers installed m-series Thermal night vision on two oil tankers that operate in arctic waters.

Navigating an oil tanker in open water is very challenging. It becomes even more difficult and dangerous when this needs to be done in ice infested waters. Shipping companies are more and more concerned about the safety of ice-class tankers during sub-zero operation and are looking for equipment that can help to detect ice in arctic waters from a far distance so that collisions can be avoided. This growing concern is reinforced by the oil companies international maritime forum (ocimf) recommendations.

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Mini Thermal imaging cores

The Mini Thermal imaging core has been especially designed for Original Equipment Manufacturers. It can easily be integrated into systems that require a small, compact and lightweight thermal imaging core with a cooled detector. The Mini Thermal imaging cores can be easily integrated in small airborne gimbals or in any other application.

The Mini Thermal imaging cores are subsystems that provide similar features and functions to those found in some of standard camera products. However, cores are designed to allow integration into other systems. The Mini Thermal imaging cores can be used in whole or subsystem form by an OEM in many applications.

We provide different components and cores for a large number of advanced thermal imaging platforms. With strength in focal plane array manufacturing, vacuum packaging, video processing electronics and system integration, along with high commercial product manufacturing rates, we are a powerful partner to many OEM customers.

IP Thermal Network Camera

Thermal Network Camera utilize a portion of the electromagnetic spectrum not visible to the human eye. By detecting radiation in the infrared range of the electromagnetic spectrum, thermal network camera can produce images of called thermograms. The basic principle is that objects with higher temperature emit higher levels of infrared radiation. With a camera that can detect infrared radiation, you can visibly see the difference between a warm human body walking through a pitch black area where the surroundings are a different temperature. The limitation of thermal network camera is that the output is an image of objects radiating heat. It will not display objects as you see them with a human eye, only highlight the areas of objects whose heat signatures vary from its surroundings.

Todays thermal devices have been so well refined that the slightest differences in temperature can be detected therefore allowing easier identification of the objects in view.

There are a few important factors to consider when purchasing an IP thermal network camera. First is the myth that thermal network camera can see through walls. This is false. In fact all thermal network cameras have difficulty even seeing through glass. The glass lenses of thermal network camera and outdoor housings are scientifically engineered for this reason. Secondly, thermal network camera that perform better than 8.33 frames per second at D1 resolution may only be exported top certian countries outside of the United States. thermal network camera with a frame rate above 9 per second are subject to export control regulations. Lastly, Network thermal network cameras are designed for detection rather than recognition. These are best suited to supplement traditional Network Cameras that cannot perform in exetremely low to no light areas.

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Information About PhantomIR Infrared Thermal Binocular

The PhantomIR Infrared Thermal Binocular was created to be the best product for anyone trying to find a top quality option. These Personal Thermal Imaging through the skilled product professionals are fashioned working with long lasting and reliable components, as a way to provide you with product that is going to be powerful for a long time.

For a very long time, has been helping to make quality goods, and the PhantomIR Infrared Thermal Binocular is evidence of their dedication to making certain you possess the products you’ll want to flourish in virtually any situation. Right here at Night-Optics, we make it our personalized responsibility to ensure you leave with the best product for all your needs, and the PhantomIR Infrared Thermal Binocular is amongst the countless items which we are very proud to offer our clients.

The PhantomIR Thermal Binocular is a technically-advanced device for observation and perimeter security. Utilizing a high-resolution thermal detector, the PhantomIR allows users to observe the heat signatures of people and objects in daytime or at night and through smoke, fog or camouflage. The Phantom Infrared Binocular provides high performance image range over 750 meters. The Phantom IR Thermal Vision Binocular incorporates user-selectable reticles (Mil-Dot, Crosshair, or No Reticle), a digital magnetic compass (when properly calibrated is accurate within +/- 3 degrees), a 2x-4x zoom function and video-out (SMPTE or NTSC Compatible) capability. The PhantomIR is a powerful tool for military, police, and security professionals.

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