Information About PhantomIR Infrared Thermal Binocular

The PhantomIR Infrared Thermal Binocular was created to be the best product for anyone trying to find a top quality option. These Personal Thermal Imaging through the skilled product professionals are fashioned working with long lasting and reliable components, as a way to provide you with product that is going to be powerful for a long time.

For a very long time, has been helping to make quality goods, and the PhantomIR Infrared Thermal Binocular is evidence of their dedication to making certain you possess the products you’ll want to flourish in virtually any situation. Right here at Night-Optics, we make it our personalized responsibility to ensure you leave with the best product for all your needs, and the PhantomIR Infrared Thermal Binocular is amongst the countless items which we are very proud to offer our clients.

The PhantomIR Thermal Binocular is a technically-advanced device for observation and perimeter security. Utilizing a high-resolution thermal detector, the PhantomIR allows users to observe the heat signatures of people and objects in daytime or at night and through smoke, fog or camouflage. The Phantom Infrared Binocular provides high performance image range over 750 meters. The Phantom IR Thermal Vision Binocular incorporates user-selectable reticles (Mil-Dot, Crosshair, or No Reticle), a digital magnetic compass (when properly calibrated is accurate within +/- 3 degrees), a 2x-4x zoom function and video-out (SMPTE or NTSC Compatible) capability. The PhantomIR is a powerful tool for military, police, and security professionals.

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