The Airsoft Thermal Binocular to Wear Over Glasses

Designed specifically for airsoft, these roomy and affordable thermal binocular are perfect for glasses wearers. The Lancer Tactical thermal binocular have slanted vents to keep BB’s out and prevent the airsoft thermal binocular from fogging up. The straps are fully adjustable to fit young newbies or old pros, and even larger-framed eyeglasses can be worn underneath with comfort.

If there’s any downside to the thermal binocular, it’s more of of a flaw of military-style thermal binocular in general, which is the lack of protection to the mouth area. The best way to address this is by wearing a mesh mask underneath. Wraps like shemaghs or balaclavas not only lack the full protection of mesh masks, but also trap the warm heat of your breath, sending it upwards through the vents in your thermal binocular, and greatly increasing the chances of fog.

The mask offers full face protection and unmatched peripheral vision. It’s marketed as a paintball mask, but is well-suited for airsoft, and proves a very comfortable fit over any style of eyeglasses. The low visor profile fits well under helmets and the lens (interchangable) has a true anti-fog coating. When you’re wearing these thermal binocular over your eyeglasses, the vent layout keep them totally clear, but they’re also multi-directional, making communication with your teammates easier by carrying your voice farther (also known as scream venting).

One of the downsides of using other paintball masks for airsoft is the inability to get a good cheek weld to aim down your rifle’s sights, but it has a contained lower profile and ditches the large sun visor. This minimal design lets you get closer to your optic, and doesn’t block your vision when looking through the top of your lens, so you can still see down the rail of your AEG.

High-quality ballistic eye thermal binocular, and many of their models are the preferred choice for airsoft players. They’re the only thermal binocular authorized by the US Army for use over prescription eyewear, making them more than suitable to use as OTG airsoft thermal binocular. Like others in the list, they also have good ventilation, and “ClearZone” lens coatings to keep from fogging. While the Land Ops are designed to fit over most sizes of glasses, any glasses wider than 5.5″ across might cause the arms to press into your temples, so measure the glasses you plan to wear underneath.

Similar to the above, the thermal binocular is also made for paintball, so the same pro/cons apply. These are a little easier on the wallet, and still have lots of high-quality features, like a variable-thickness lens to avoid distortion, and cutouts in the temple area of the foam to allow room for the arms of your glasses. As if paintball masks weren’t comfortable enough for glasses wearers, these temple cutouts really prevent any pressure on the sides of your head, meaning you can run comfortably all day. Lastly, the dual lens has been thermally cured, and the vents are really well-designed – meaning fog is coming no where near your face or your eye glasses.

The thermal binocular come in a variety of lens colors and tints, and have a spacious interior to wear over smaller eye glasses. They probably offer the least amount of vertical coverage when compared to the other airsoft thermal binocular in the list, but if you already have a mesh facemask and are looking for something shorter to fit between the mask and your helmet, these might be perfect for you. The interchangeable lenses stay in the frame snugly, but are easy enough to remove to switch to a darker lens or to clean after a match. These no-frills thermal binocular are suited towards players with small to medium faces, and they’re built tough for a modest price tag.

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