Advantages of An Infrared Lens


Infrared light is the waves of illumination between the visible and the microwave levels of the electromagnetic spectrum. Infrared light ranges from red to violet. Because infrared light is part of the visual spectrum that we can’t see without infrared lenses, infrared photography is literally opening our eyes to a brand new element of our world. Unfortunately, infrared photography has its limitations.


Cost can be both an advantage and disadvantage. For beginner photographers searching for a way to photograph infrared light, basic lenses are available for under $20. But the better the infrared lens, the more detailed the infrared light will be. High-quality infrared lenses often cost in excess of $200.

Capturing the Unseen

The biggest advantage of infrared photography is inherent in the infrared spectrum. Infrared lenses capture what the human eye literally cannot see. This means that any photo you take with your infrared lens won’t be seen in the same style by anyone without an infrared lens. The image will be unique.


The biggest advantage of infrared photography is also its biggest disadvantage; it is very nontraditional. Taking family photos, wedding photos, or any other photo of a person will distort the subject. Though the effect can be interesting, it most likely will not be viewed as flattering. Infrared photography does not show us what our eyes see and so we have to be far more open to the final product.

Learning Curve

Learning how to take visually appealing photographs is a learning process on any spectrum. Learning the best way to capture images with an infrared lens is a brand new experience. Though an infrared lens will install like any other lens on a camera, taking photos with it will not involve a what-you-see-is-what-you-get approach. Take time to experiment with the length of the exposure and different lighting levels. Come to infrared photography as if coming to photography new all together.

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