Outdoor Pan/Tilt Thermal Network Camera

With the added pan/tilt mobility, Thermal Network Camera reduces the number of fixed thermal cameras needed to cover an area. The pan/tilt head offers quick movements and getting from one preset to the next makes the video surveillance more efficient and secure. The 35 mm lens together with the VGA resolution (640×480) provide a large coverage of an area. The thermal camera is a great tool for detecting people and objects in 24/7 surveillance, from pitch dark areas to a sunlit parking lot. Thermal Network Camera is the ideal choice also when the installation of IR light is not feasible or when the recognition should reach above 150 meter (164 yards).

With the Arctic Temperature Control, the Thermal Network Camera can safely start up and operate in temperatures as low as -40C/F and up to 55C/131F.

Thermal Network Camera supports shock detection, a capability that sends an alarm to personnel during attempted vandalism, hence enhances the camera protection. The Video Motion Detection 3.1 is also supported by Thermal Network Camera and it enables detection in variable lighting conditions and works for installations such as parking lots and unattended shop areas.

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