Launch new MicroCAM 2 range of thermal imaging cores

We have unveiled their new MicroCAM 2, ultra-low-power and high shock-resistant, OEM thermal imaging core.

User-specific overlays and boresight adjustable reticules add to the feature set. MicroCAM 2 IR cores are available with patented solid state, shutterless XTi ‘Always On–Never Blind’ Technology.

MicroCAM thermal imaging core are employed in numerous well known and high-end third party products including UAVs, thermal weapon sights, man-portable and long-range fixed surveillance devices, unattended ground sensors, driver aids, enhanced vision systems for aircraft and many other global products.

The MicroCAM range of long-wave thermal imaging cores is available in 384×288 and 640×480 resolution modules with a number of pixel pitch and lens options.

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