Thermal imaging camera

A thermal imaging camera (TIC) records the different infrared radiations of the body, which vary according to temperature. A TIC reproduces the temperature stored by the body or shows the heat flux of a wall, when there is a source of heat behind it.

We develop and manufactures its own thermal imaging cameras and supplies them worldwide.

A thermal imaging camera may be used in different situations.


  • When seeking victims in apartment fires and especially in large volumes like underground car parks, factories, warehouses or in forest fires, etc.
  • Search for fire source: the thermal camera is capable of very quickly detecting a source of heat or even a smoldering fire.
  • Residual fire or heat in an expansion joint following a fire in the cellar of an apartment building.
  • Hotspot after extinguishing a fire in a chimney or in an attic space.
  • Electric fire: short circuit or bad contact, resulting in local overheating.
  • During freight vehicle or tanker transfers, the level of chemical products in certain tanks can be observed with a thermal camera.
  • During action to deal with a traffic accident at night in the countryside, to detect a body that may have been thrown off the road.
  • For rescue under rubble, to locate victims in locations that are only accessible through a small hole.
  • For training, the instructor is better able to show the correct method to the trainee during an operation.


  • For night-time operations
  • ?To search for stowaway passengers
  • To detect illegal drug cultivation (for instance cannabis)

HRIPSs (Household Refuse Incineration Plants)

  • Detection of the outbreak of fire


  • Rescue at sea: searching for persons who have fallen overboard

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