Security Applications of Thermal Network Camera

Unlike more traditional approaches, thermal network camera provides real time protection, 24/7, and is unhindered by weather and light conditions and can be linked into wider security systems. Thermal vision systems can make a major contribution to security, able to protect assets and infrastructure, plus safeguarding public safety.

Applications handled include fixed, mobile and portable and range from full perimeter security protection at airports and other sites through to tactical use on railway supplies, where the product has Trackside Approval. Thermal network cameras can be used in conjunction with CCTV or as an alternative, depending on the application. The key advantage for thermal imaging systems is range – providing true and accurate remote monitoring. In the security sector, range equates against time: time to react, time to adjust, time to respond.

  • Specialist thermal imaging cameras for specialist security applications
  • Proven experience with national and international agencies, police, major corporations and many SME applications
  • Full system design and bespoke product development capabilities
  • Discrete systems for iconic buildings, or covert applications,  without the need for additional lighting

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