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iTherml thermal imaging cores SmartCor640 are with shutterless technology, high sensitivity, continuous digital zoom and WDR image processing to offer high quality thermal imagery performance. And multiple infrared lens and expansion boards options are available to enhance their functions for integrators.

SmartCor640 have been increased electronics to offer low power consumption of thermal system integrations. Their common mechanical & electrical compatibility is between different thermal cores formats for thermal integrators, and make them well-suited for thermal applications and thermal integrations, such as unmanned aerial vehicles, handheld thermal imagers, thermal night vision systems, driving vision enhancement, thermal imaging sights, security and surveillance, and more.

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■  Shutterless thermal technology
■  Compact Size 38x38x20.5mm
■  Light weight <40g
■  Time to image <3s
■  Advanced WDR image processing
■  Continuous digital zoom
■  Adjustable crosshair
■  Multiple lens available
■  User-defined symbology supported
■  Auto-focus supported
■  IPC & TNV expansion boards supported
■  -40~ +75℃ operating temp range supported