Thermal imaging core in a small, light and affordable package

It is a high sensitivity, high reliability, uncooled long wave thermal imager. The compact design of it makes it well-suited for OEM packaging and integration. It comes in several configuration and has different lens options. It is designed to meet practically all applications. It is ideal for applications that require a light weight, small size thermal imaging core with low power consumption.

Thermal imaging cores

Thermal imaging cores are subsystems that provide similar features and functions to those found in some Systems standard camera products. However, cores are designed to permit easy integration into other systems. Cores can be used ”stand-alone” or as a subsystem component by an OEM in many applications. As interest in thermal imaging increases, more and more OEMs want to integrate a thermal imaging module in their own product. Cores, like it, are the perfect systems to do this.

Choice of image quality

It incorporates a maintenance free, uncooled Vanadium Oxide (VOx) focal plane array (FPA). According to system requirements, the user can select 160 x 128 or 320 x 256 image resolution. It delivers crisp video images which can be displayed on any monitor that accepts composite video. The focal plane array delivers outstanding image quality and sensitivity. It makes temperature differences of 50 mK or less visible.

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