Thermal imaging core made in China

Thermal imaging core is a compact, lightweight, all-in-one thermal imager with outstanding sensitivity and excellent image quality. With advanced thermal image processing, thermal imaging core provide crisp thermal video images which can be displayed on virtually any monitor that accepts composite outstanding image quality and sensitivity.

Thermal imaging camera cores can be easily integrated into products or systems of customized design. With multi-interface at backside, OEM customers can connect directly to TC core for power in, providing access to the digital video output (LVDS / Parallel data), composite video out (BNC), remote control on PC (RS232 / RS485) functions.

Thermal imaging camera cores are convenient to be fixed directly in existed CCTV systems with M3 & 1/4 mounts. It is also easily integrated hundreds of thousands of applications including automotive night vision systems, firefighting equipments, medical instruments, handheld cameras, unmanned vehicles, security & surveillance products, and more.

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